Welcome to the City of Atlanta, City Auditor's Office



The City Auditor's Office seeks to assist the Mayor, City Council and citizens in ensuring that our local government is accountable, transparent, and cost-effective by providing audit and integrity services. We provide published reports and other forms of communication to the City Council and the general public through the Finance Executive, Public Safety Committee, City Utilities, Transportation, Community Development, Zoning and Council Committees, and our website.


To achieve our work, we employ staff with diverse expertise. Our staff possess academic training and work experience in business, accounting, finance, budget analysis, public administration, consulting, information technology and law. All full -time staff hold at minimum a Master's Degree, with some also holding various professional certifications.


The City Auditor's Office has twice won the Association of Local Government Auditors award for best audit for a medium audit shop. We received recognition for excellence in the 2010 Municipal Court Operations and 2008 Review of the Oracle First Payroll Run audits.





City Auditor's Recommendations Dashboard:


The City Auditor's Office developed a Recommendations Dashboard to provide intuitive access to our entire database of recommendations.


City Auditor's Duplicate Payments Dashboard:


The City Auditor's Office developed a Duplicate Payments Dashboard to summarize and report the on the duplicate payments the city has processed for vendors.


Risk Assessment Icon

City Auditor's Risk Assessment Tool:


The City Auditor's Office developed a quantitative risk assessment tool for the City of Atlanta. The risk assessment presents a semi-automated way of assigning a risk score to departments and offices. This tool is available for download.




We Are Currently Working On…


Building Permits, iExpense, Timekeeping, Continuous Audit, and Follow Up…